Breaking Question of the Day~16/1/2012

Dear members, because of the strikes and protest going on in Nigeria, we humbly delay BQ until further notice….but we will allow anyone to post and share with other members what truely and honestly is going on and comments from other members….thanks for staying with us….BQ team

This is my BQ:

What should the Nigerian people do about their government.

I am NOT Nigerian, obviously but I DO have many friends there now and I am concerned with what is happening in their world right now.
I don’t know how much help I will be or how much of an answer to this issue but my heart is very heavy and I see some things about this that disturb me greatly.
My response to things that move me deeply is to write.
I’m not sure if this is either right or wrong it is just what my heart says to do.
I am a VOICE. I am a voice for myself and I am also a voice for others who resonate with my words and language and beliefs. Perhaps one voice CAN make a difference.
So this is what I have to say:
A DEMOCRACY, which is how the Nigerian government is run, is meant to be a government “by the people, for the people”. IF you allow your government officials to continue to exist inside the same degraded and corrupt political arena EVERY time you vote a new set in you will never see change. The system of government as it is OBVIOUSLY is NOT for the people at all.
There are posts I have read repeatedly in groups, from BBM links friends send me, and in news pages about what’s going on and I must say it is not the first time I have been struck by the amounts of money thrown around by the government. It is DISGUSTING.
I don’t believe the Nigerian people should be accepting the amounts of money their government officials allow themselves to be paid and use and WASTE on themselves when if they REALLY cared so much about their country and their people as to actually want to be government and president etc. they should CHOOSE to revamp their own pay system, take a pay CUT and spread the wealth around to the people, roads, refineries etc. that NEED it desperately.
I don’t follow politics. I don’t agree with much that a government does because I believe that government is the devil’s playground and they are ALL corrupt to some extent.
Too much money and power to dull a person’s senses and make it too easy for them to accept things that should NOT be accepted. Things that SHOULD be fought against, changed, STOOD against!
When your government cares more about the money they receive for themselves than to DO the jobs required FOR the people to improve the system and lives for all then I see it as a dictatorship.
Your president does the same thing all government officials do and have done previously BECAUSE they are allowed by the people. DO NOT allow this!

In a DEMOCRACY if they aren’t doing the job you elected them for then you have them impeached and then go back to elections and try again.

KEEP trying over and over again until you get a leader who DOES the job.
KEEP trying until you find a man (or woman) who will TAKE the pay cut and USE the excess (read RIDICULOUSLY EXCESSIVE) money to BUILD better roads, REPAIR your refineries, CREATE a more even, fair and appropriate pay scale for government officials and all OTHER policies etc. that require overhaul and CHANGE!
How is he NOT a dictator, despot, tyrant and otherwise OPPRESSIVE to the people when he is OBVIOUSLY not listening to your desires and needs?
INSTEAD of taking millions of dollars for his own pocket and the pockets of his officials he should PUT THE MONEY into the IMPROVEMENTS that are needed to grow a better and healthier nation! INSTEAD of keeping the money he earns for himself and raising fuel prices so he can get MORE money from the people who already struggle daily to survive the system shoud be CHANGED!
ANY leader who comes into office and continues with the OUTRAGEOUS income he and the other officials receive and does NOT change that entire system of MONEY and CORRUPTION is NOT the one who SERVES his country and fellow man.

HE serves HIMSELF.

It is LONG OVERDUE time that the Nigerian people as a NATION stand against such oppressive corruption against the heart and soul of themselves.
I believe it is time for a REVOLUTION.
More importantly I believe you as a nation, as a people should NOT slow the momentum you have gathered by protesting, or allow whatever harm has befallen any fallen ones be in vain by backing off and allowing this government to continue doing as it has always done in the past with all it’s broken promises and political lies about what is hoped for the future.
The future is NOW. The time is NOW.
If you fall back and watch and wait to see what will happen and trust to hopes and dreams as always before you will just see more of the same.
“If you always think as you have always thought, you will always get what you have always got.”
If you back down and allow this to continue there will never be a reprieve because the government will then KNOW that they can implement any policy they want and Nigerians will just go along with whatever choices they make. You MUST stand as a nation against it.
Unfortunately, it means that things may get worse before they get better. But let me ask you this, which would you rather…strife, fighting for something, taking a stand…maybe some hurt, maybe some damage but in the end the CHANGE you seek and a better world…OR strife, fighting to survive daily, keeping the status quo…on and on and on and on until such time as your hearts and spirits and souls are broken and damaged beyond repair and there is no hope, no choice, no desire to change or even live?
OPPRESSION on a continuous basis either backs you into a corner where you have no option but to push back or breaks you down completely.
Having been in an abusive relationship I see no difference. A DEMOCRACY is meant to be a government that BUILDS, HOPES, DREAMS, GROWS, and breathes freedom and life into a nation so that its people can BE all that they can be, all that they are.
STOP trusting groups of officials who have obviously succumbed to the corruption, find lawyers who know the law and are willing to stand with you and fight for the PEOPLE and STAND against CORRUPTION. Do NOT stand for it!!
NOW, let me tell you why I want to see Nigeria STAND.
I only know the people I’ve met online. I tend to meet many Nigerians and yes I must admit even the scamming kind. I however, do not accept an entire nation of people ARE the few that are lazy and selfish and don’t want to work an honest labour or build a better future for their children and would rather manipulate a soft person’s heart to get whatever they can get. In fact, most of my Nigerian friends are beautiful, positive, strong, intelligent, respectful, decent, hard-
working, sensitive, loving people whom I consider I am blessed to know and count among my friends. I have grown and learned so much from them, been encouraged, supported and inspired by them and have grown to deeply love and appreciate them and all that they have brought to my life. So how can I be here watching all of this and NOT care that it has the outcome they all hope for, wish for and believe they deserve?
I believe in them. I believe in YOU. I believe it is TIME for you to take a stand for yourselves and your children and BUILD a better government and a better world for all of you.
STAND against TYRANNY. If it is the only stand you ever take it is the one of utmost importance for all.
All my love and hope is with you. xo


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