Breaking Question of the Day~11/16/2011

They grew up together, they fell in love…they are both from a poor background and the prospect of going to a university for both is zero…she is determined to see that they further their education…in line with that, with his knowledge, she started dating a rich married man and the money she made she used to sponsor both of them to school…they had their ups and downs, quarrels and storms…but they made it through university, she has stopped seeing the married man and now, it is time to settle down…her family are not in support of it…they say he is not good enough for their daughter as he is not financially matured and they will never give their blessing…she is threatening the marriage will go on with or without them…BREAKING QUESTION OF THE DAY…Is there any sense in the reason her family gave for not supporting the marriage after all these years of their been together???

(Q from: 11/16/2011)

MY response:

Is it BETTER or just EASIER to be part of a relationship that receives parental blessing? I have been married twice. The first time…my parents hated him but on my behalf did whatever they could do to make things as peaceful as they could and believe me it was not always easy because I was headstrong AND I married an idiot! I’m sure my father bit his tongue time and time again…equally as often as times when he could not. It was also a difficult relationship on the part of my husband’s mother (yeah the mother-in-law that didn’t like me much). This second time around, hubby fits with my mom and step-father and I fit with his mom and dad as well. It IS easy and comfortable and lovely and makes life so much better when it doesn’t come with drama, friction or strife! Now, you can take from that information that perhaps a wrong relationship is wrong on all counts and is WHY there is strife and discord and that the right relationship falls together on all counts and creates harmony for all involved, BUT…I’m not altogether sure that it’s ever quite that simple. Therefore, THIS is the time in your life when you MUST trust your own heart, mind, and soul and be aware of your own desires, needs, and reasons and CHOOSE what is right and correct for YOU…no matter WHO disagrees. It should never matter whether our parents believe someone is good enough or not…THEY are not marrying him, they do not have to live with him and share day to day life with him, so they do not actually KNOW him the way that YOU do…therefore YOU are actually the only one who can really know if being with him gives you peace and joy and comfort or it creates chaos and negativity (and NO I do not mean the negativity that comes about because of everyone else-I MEAN do YOU deep inside feel it from being attached to him.) Be brave, be strong and follow your heart!

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