Breaking Question of the Day~11/12/2011

When he lost his job and could not get another one, he lost his faith…he thought GOD has forsaken him…he could not pay his house rent, found it extremely difficult to deal with the day to day expenses…things got worst when his banker girlfriend went rogue…and started calling the shots…she goes from one meeting and journey to another in the name of making money to take care of him…the day he called her to order was the day she told him it is over…he pleaded and pleaded but her mind is made up…he was still trying to pick up the pieces when he got a letter that he has won an American visa lottery…the lady is back and said she was only joking…BREAKING QUESTION OF THE DAY…what should he do? Anonymous

(Q from: 11/12/2011)

MY response:

I don’t know the whole story and ordinarily I am a sucker for LOVE, but I’m not getting that impression here…we did say GIRLFRIEND, not WIFE therefore he’s free to move on isn’t he? he doesn’t have to follow “for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health” because they haven’t made that much commitment to each other have they? and she has just shown when the going gets tough she BAILS!! do you want to spend your life attached to someone that apparently only values you during the GOOD, UP times when you are WORKING, HAVE MONEY, and are her “EQUAL”…if you have nothing, aren’t working and are depressed or sad her answer is to become Lord and master herself? It’s NOT a battlefield in this time…NOW is when someone needs compassion, understanding, patience and FAITH to get through the hard! There WILL be sunshine again…there always IS! In MY humble opinion…MOVE ON! When you love someone and commit to a life with them it means working through EVERYTHING…GOOD and BAD…there shouldn’t be power trips, MONEY is the root of all evil and is often the thing we all MOST fight about, but…that is WRONG…work TOGETHER for a common goal…not AGAINST each other! If one is down the other should be trying to lift him/her up, not PUSHING…not taking it in their own hands…it speaks volumes about the degree of trust she has or has NOT in whether or not you can get back up…does she believe in you or doesn’t she? does she have faith in you or doesn’t she? It’s NOT a joke. LIFE and LOVE and RELATIONSHIPS are NEVER a joke! Forgive her, take her back, or don’t, move on, follow your own heart, but realize would you that LOVE is standing the test of time and the tides of life…NOT being the power player, NOT leaving when the going gets tough, NOT coming back cause now the MONEY flows freely again…PLEASE!!!!!

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