Breaking Question of the Day~11/02/2011

Life is beautiful…people are very unpredictable…when many ladies will do anything to marry a rich guy, she opted to marry a poor guy because she loves him…when she announced to her parents she was having her marriage and the mother got to know it was the poor guy, she said, “I will stand by you but if anything goes wrong, don’t come running to me because I have warned you” and the father said, “GOD bless you my daughter, may you find all the happiness you seek with him….know that I love you always”…BREAKING QUESTION OF THE DAY…Has she made the right decision because her mother doesn’t think so???

(Q from: 11/02/2011)

MY response:

Of course she made the right decision! LOVE is the only reason to marry…poor or otherwise. Just because he is poor doesn’t mean he always will be. Maybe having the woman who loves him in his corner and on his side will be the incentive he needs to try harder, work harder, take risks, be brave…I could go ON and ON here!! You know, I LOVE my mother and I know she’s the one person I can go to when I need help and the one person who is on my side no matter what I do and no matter how much she hates it…for example…she hates my tattoos. She is very old school about that…only tough prison chicks get tattoos! (lol) and she doesn’t want me to get any more of them…BUT, that will not stop me from doing it because I KNOW the feeling and reason behind EACH of them. They are not random pics of things…they each mean something to me or mark a time period of my life…whether she can understand that or not is irrelevant! I am the one who has to live with them…I am the one who makes the choice…as it should be. I’m sure your mother really wants the best for you and should be honoured and respected for that BUT, what she feels is best and what you KNOW is best in your own heart are quite often not the same thing. YOU have to have the courage to make your own choice. EVEN IF IT IS THE WRONG ONE. You can follow everyone else’s path they set out for you or you can be adventurous, face life and forge your own new one!!

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