Breaking Question of the Day~10/27/2011

My boyfriend of five years just decided to go on AWOL for seven months…he changed his mobile number and won’t reply his mail…infact, he went blank…you can imagine the pains and agony I went through all those months…now he us back and his excuse is he just wanted to have a break…he did that without putting me, my feelings into consideration and he just expects to walk back into my life…BREAKING QUESTION OF THE DAY…What should I do as I am so hurt???

(Q from: 10/27/2011)

MY response:

When you decide whether or not you should keep him or give him another chance to completely disregard and disrespect you and your feelings by all means pray if that is what works for you to find the inner stillness and quiet you need to LISTEN to your own heart and mind and feeling on the subject. NOBODY else can tell you what to think or feel OR what you KNOW in your heart of hearts. Only YOU can KNOW this. Only YOU can find this by looking inside yourself. It actually means digging deeper than the surface, ignoring all the voices of all the well-meaning people telling you what to do for them, for society, for appearances or anything else. Deeper even than the hurt you feel for what he did…or what he didn’t do…deep into yourself where only you can feel what IS truth. YOUR truth, his truth…your truth together and what all that means. Weigh and measure the value of what you have built, of what he threw away like it was nothing of any value. If you consider him and yourself and listen to your own heart…you will KNOW if YOU are a person who gives a second chance because she believes…OR you are a person who has the strength to walk away because she sees the writing on the wall. ONLY you can discern this based on who you are and who he is. It is my opinion that a MAN would have said, “Listen, I need a little time.” BEFORE he left …no matter how hard it was to say…or for you to hear…and a BOY will disappear without any thought for you. BUT, here is the thing…sometimes BOYS run for the hills cause they are afraid or whatever reason…but, it doesn’t mean they can’t come home when they figure it out and BE a MAN! ONLY YOU can figure out if you think that’s his story, if you believe him and if you’re willing to risk your heart AGAIN…for LOVE…or he’s just made the biggest mistake of his life and given up the best girl ever! 😉 and walk because you deserve better! It hurts…it always hurts…YOU can take time NOW to decide and heal or you can just be crazy in love and jump all over again…whatever you decide it is for YOU! NOT anyone else! This is YOUR heart, your life, your love…OR your lesson. Listen to your heart. 🙂 I wish you well. xo

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