Breaking Question of the Day~10/21/2011

My family are the most precious thing to me…u hold them in high esteem…I am the third in the family of one boy and two girls…of late a guy is paying my own sister to get me to date him…my sister thinks it is normal, I think it is disgusting and cowardly with a sinister motive…I made it known to my sister that she will be wasting her time and he, his money…my sister understands but her friends are acting funny…BREAKING QUESTION OF THE DAY…Is it right that a man that claims to love you pays someone to talk you to love/date him???

(Q from: 10/21/2011)

MY response:

MONEY?? Seriously?! Man get a back bone and come to her directly. No matter how shy or scared you are of rejection you can’t PAY for someone to date/LOVE you…if you think you can then you’ve been involved with too many women of ill repute or gold diggers!!! It is mind, heart, spirit, sense of humour, yes sometimes even the package you come in that attracts a woman. Sometimes it is even an attraction you don’t understand but it comes from your heart NOT your wallet! BE yourself, happy and YES confident. if I were her this behaviour would leave me feeling totally disrespected and you’d probably have NO chance to repair it. She is a PERSON a vibrant, living individual with CHOICE and she is NOT property to be bought and sold no matter what anyone else thinks! Bringing money into it is DISGUSTING…and OMFG sister? You got some jealousy in ya that tells you its ok to treat your sibling like an object to buy and sell??? There is def a deeper story there and makes me feel very sad. GIRL, you GO! Stay firm and don’t allow them to treat you like this! Its not right and you don’t have to accept it…I’m quite sure there are LOTS of decent lovely boys out there who will cherish and love you DIRECTLY and properly!!!!
If they scared of ya then you’re STRONG! Aint nothin wrong with that! Men need strong women…some of them just don’t know it yet! 😉

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