Breaking Question of the Day~06/12/2011

They waited 7 years to have a child…and where the happiest when the wife concieved…three months into the pregnacy, they went for scan and was told the child has serious deformation…they have the option to leave the pregnancy and eventually live with the deformation for the rest of their lives or terminate the pregnancy not knowing when and if she will ever concieve again..they are so very confused…BREAKING QUESTION OF THE DAY…Should the pregnancy be terminated??? Your advice is highly and urgently needed….Anonymous

Please watch this video: and be inspired!

I have and will always know that people are more than they appear to be on the outside. The package a person comes in is just another way to teach us lessons.

About HEART.


About MIND.







AND about MANY, MANY more things as individual to each situation as people are!

Imagine a man, if you will, who until he was a teenager had two normal legs and could run and do all the things that boys want to be able to do. Then he got polio. I do not know all of the things that he must have gone through in his life but, I do know this…HE was the strongest, and most compassionate man I have ever known. All my life he walked with a limp because the polio had shrunk one of his legs and it was shorter than the other. I can’t ever know how tall he was because he could never stand up full and straight. However, he was TALL in spirit and resolve. He was TALL in dignity and pride. He was TALL in the estimation of his friends. He was respected and admired every day.

More than anything I know, I am ME because of him and I am GRATEFUL not only to have known him, but also for having been admired by him and to BE his daughter. I couldn’t be MORE proud of him.

Even the last couple of years of his life when he was in a hospital bed at home and mom had to use lifts to take him outside, or a wheel chair he never wanted to quit. He’d still squeeze an exercise ball because he believed it would, if not make his muscles strong again at least keep them from atrophy.

He would NEVER give up or lose HOPE.

Friends would visit and he’d end up being sick because he couldn’t keep much of his food down by then and he would tell me he felt so embarrassed and broken by it because he WAS a strong man and hated anyone to see him weak. I said, honestly dad…nobody could see that as weakness because it isn’t anything that you can control and it’s not your fault.  They ARE your friends and they love and respect you anyway! (I think I helped him feel better.)

I must say that I got a double lesson about this because my mother also has one leg shorter than the other but hers was a deformity from birth.

She was given special shoes when she was a child and refused to wear them so she walked on the ball of her foot all her life so it is permanently bent that way now.

She fears a wheel chair and refuses to give up or give in. She says she’ll crawl before she gets one…and she’s not there yet so I believe her fierce desire to keep going on her own steam is a testament to spirit!

She also has diabetes and gout issues like me (I come from a delightful gene pool!! *rolling eyes* lol) so I foresee some problems coming along…more than she has now I mean…but, I also know she’s a fighter and will never just lie down and take it.

So…two people found common ground and shared a life of love, and a variety of things along the way even though BOTH of them had VISIBLE flaws and challenges.

My father couldn’t dance. 😦 My mother LOVES to dance. 🙂 Still, they managed to be best friends and share a marriage with its ups and downs and compromises and sacrifices for 26 years before my father left us.

They shared a daughter, they lost a son, they adopted a son, they worked, earned respect of their colleagues and friends, bought and sold houses, cars etc., they moved a few times throughout my life for various reasons, endured hardship and joy together and are both a testament to MY strength and resolve.

You NEVER know the heart and spirit and strength of a person if you ONLY judge them by their appearance. The ugliest person you see COULD have the sweetest, softest, most generous heart, OR a brilliant mind, OR an unquenchable thirst for LIFE.

OPEN your own heart and mind to the POSSIBILITIES!!!

(FINAL thought…what if someone like Beethoven had been aborted by his parents?)

He continued to compose, conduct and perform even though becoming completely deaf.

SPIRIT cannot be contained or kept down.

Eventually it will find its own way to soar!








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