Breaking Question of the Day~05/29/2011

Soulmates can be so strong…they dated years ago and where separated by the girls parents on tribal ground…they grew up and got married to separate people…while the man was able to have children, his ex was not able to concieve talkless of given birth to a baby…after lots of consultations, the lady was told to look for her ex for in him her baby (children) lies…after months of looking for him, they found him and explained situations…he felt for them but said he has a wife he is not ready to betray…They seeked his wife and explained situations…she felt their pains…the thoughts of her husband sleeping with another woman is a nightmare….BREAKING QUESTION OF THE DAY…What will you do in her situation???…anonymous


Once upon a time, like many people before me, I believed in ONE soulmate.

Like many people also, I have fallen in love and thought someone was my soulmate MANY times.

It’s not really that strange because I am a lover and I am romantic.

The thing that I have come to understand and believe NOW is that we have MANY soulmates. They do NOT only come as lovers. They are also friends, family members, and people we have never met before or even people we have only met once for a short period of time.

These people are meant to teach us about the deep inner workings of our own souls. They are meant to teach us about connection, loyalty, life, friendship, TRUST and LOVE. They are meant to help us understand ourselves and each other BETTER.

We can build friendships and relationships with many people and love all of them deeply even if they are NOT our soulmates but, IF we are lucky enough to find ONE or TWO of these soulmates we should feel blessed and cherish these bonds. They are part of what teaches us to delve DEEPER inside ourselves, to grow, to understand things better, to grasp that relationships, connection, friendship, and LOVE are vital and necessary for EVERYONE.

SO when you share a soulmate relationship your bonds are deeper and stronger than you really can imagine.  So  much that even if you are seperated and living different lives you would still drop everything for the other at a moments notice because it is not only love and heart or commitment that bonds you. It is also soul. On some deeper level you KNOW that you are the one person the other can trust beyond all others and you NEED to BE that person for them and BE available when they need you because they will also do and be the same for you.

It is not something you just think about or do because of feeling but, because you KNOW deep down inside yourself. KNOWING cannot be undone.

So if this pair really are soulmates, this becomes a very serious issue.

This is my opinion:

SOULMATES stand against all time and life circumstance.

IF you love him and he is your soulmate you MUST think of what is good for him, NOT just what you want. So if he says he is married, loves his wife and will not betray her then you must accept it. To love and respect him is to know he MUST honour his life and love commitments.

Instead you have now gone to his wife, who does understand how you feel and feels sorry that you cannot have a child of your own but, LOVES her husband and cannot bear the thought of sharing him with anyone.

IMAGINE how you would feel if you actually were married to him, had his children and some other woman came calling, asking to “borrow” him so SHE could have a baby. Would this be ok with YOU?

LIFE doesn’t always happen the way we want it to. Nor does it happen on the timetable and plan we set for ourselves.

IF it is meant to be it will be.

IF he really is your soulmate then you can WAIT while he honours his life.

SOULMATES doesn’t give you an exclusive right to him or the right to be selfish about what he needs. UNLESS he is willing to BE whatever it is that you need regardless of other relationships or commitments. However, he has said he won’t betray his wife so…Sometimes you have to LET GO of an idea or a desire or maybe CHANGE it inside yourself.

You can ACCEPT what IS, HOPE for tomorrow and WAIT and see.

OR you can change your plans. Maybe adopt a baby and stop trying to wreck a marriage to have one!

AS for the wife. It is BEAUTIFUL of you to have compassion for her desire for a child and even consider the idea of “lending” your husband to such but, WHY?

HE is YOUR husband. He married YOU. He took vows with YOU. Aside from a “soulmate” bond they are claiming he has said he won’t betray you and that speaks for something! If you don’t want to share then DON’T. She DOES have other options.

IF she hasn’t been able to have a baby maybe there are REASONS and maybe they are NOT anything to do with your husband at all. Who can know any of that but GOD anyway??

I would be more than upset if this happened to me and I would ABSOLUTELY feel compassion and understanding for the want of a child but I would ABSOLUTELY not allow her to sleep with my husband to get one.  SOULMATES or not.

If they were soulmates and it mattered that much he would leave me.

CHOOSE to allow him to choose. Then you will know exactly where you stand.

I think I may sound a little harsh and I truly apologize for that. I just believe strongly that SOULMATES, while wanting to be together to the exclusion of others still will not be selfish with each other.

So if he said he wouldn’t betray you…he actually is holding you ABOVE that bond, or has moved past it, or is just a decent man who wishes to honour the life he has built and the love and commitment he’s made to you. In which case why WOULD you entertain the notion??


This is simply my opinion and honestly if it is no good to you, then just throw it out. YOU can only do whatever it is that YOU have to do because YOU are the one who will have to live with it.


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