Breaking Question of the Day~05/20/2011

Love they say understands all languages, understands all tribes and pull down barriers…her parents refused to give thier consent to thier marriage because her fiancee is from another tribe and she made it clear it is him or no one else….BREAKING QUESTION OF THE DAY…Should marriage be based on tribe sentiments, language or region?????

I believe in LOVE.
I believe in happily ever after.
I believe in love at first sight.
I believe in the connection that begins between two hearts and grows to the depths of their souls.
I believe in love forever.
I believe in the jumping in feet first, all or nothing, follow him to the end of the earth and back kind of LOVE.
I believe in the story of love…EACH different one.
I believe in the committment, compromise, sacrifice, hard work, and EFFORT required to love.
I believe in faithfulness.
I believe in friendship as a base but, also….
I believe in a soul KNOWING and recognizing it’s MATE.
I believe in soulmates.
I believe in communication.
I believe in the reasons for LOVE, AND…
I believe in love without having a reason….just faith and trust and belief in it’s truth.
I believe in a heart.
I believe in a soul.
I believe in a person’s ability to KNOW their OWN heart and soul.
I believe that LOVE is never a mistake, whether it begins from a simple attraction, a friendship that has grown into more, a mutual respect and admiration, or just hit like a lightening bolt out of the blue.

I believe that MANY, MANY people feel and recognize and KNOW this very LOVE and FEAR whatever it is they will have to DO to keep it.

I believe that SOME people feel and recognize and KNOW this very love and will move heaven and earth to hold onto it, keep it and cherish it.

As it should be.

Am I an idealist? Oh yeah.
Am I unrealistic? I don’t think so.
Am I a romantic? Definitely.
Am I a lover? Forever and a day.

I am LOVE. I LOVE. Not just my husband, best friend, lover and soulmate. But also my friends and family.
Also, many strangers from all walks of life who for some unknown reason will share parts of themselves with me and then become part of the growing circle of people I LOVE.

I do NOT care where they come from.

I do not care that their culture or religion is different.

I do not care about the colour of their skin.

I do not care whether or not they are educated. I have been educated in the school of LIFE so I guess I’m a “lesser” creature myself by many standards.

I do NOT care that they are someone I found on the internet and therefore in the “real” world can’t truly be considered a friend….BULLSHIT…they are as real to me as I am real!

I have both a friend from Morocco and one from Turkey who don’t speak english very well. In fact, they both use a translator to talk to me and I have also had to use one in reverse to talk to them. It requires a great deal of patience I must say, (and I am NOT the most patient human being in the world!) but, I appreciate and love them both very much and so I take the time to do it. To me it is a small thing really but, I think it makes both of them feel better to know someone WILL and DOES care enough to take the time to HEAR them.  These are the things that make a bond, that create and build a relationship!

I believe that LOVE regardless of tribe, race, creed, religion or WHATEVER is the only thing that CAN break down barriers and connect us ALL wherever we are!

Positivity and love and nurturing make all the difference in the world to a life. Any life.

I believe that lovers should decide whether or not they will marry.
I believe everyone else should BACK OFF and let them decide their own LIFE.
I BELIEVE resoundingly that LOVE IS the answer to everything.
I believe you have every right NOT to believe anything I have just said.
It is only my humble opinion. 🙂


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