Breaking Question of the Day~05/16/2011

Love is beautiful and ugly, it brings joy and sorrows and some say it is wicked…How painful it is for you to love someone and it’s not been reciprocated….she gave everything but got nothing in return…now, she is thinking it is not worth it and wants to give up on love…BREAKING QUESTION OF THE DAY…how will u feel? Have u been there before, what’s ur experience. Ur comment is highly needed……..Post by Blessing Emiyene Idoga J

Let’s talk about LOVE…

I AM love…and I can LOVE anybody. I know this because I HAVE. I know this because I continue to LOVE new people every day.

There are many aspects of LOVE.

The way you love your family, the way you love your friends, the way you love your BEST FRIEND, the way you love your children, the way you love your significant other, the way you love yourself.

When you love someone else there are also many aspects involved. But, the biggest of these is HOPE. When you choose to fall head over heels in love with someone else you are full of HOPE that all your wishes, hopes and dreams for love will come true.

Love is beautiful. Love is EVERYTHING.  A life without love is no life at all.

Love is not ugly. It is the disappointment we feel and the hurt when we do not receive love back from someone we have invested our heart and feelings in that is ugly. I KNOW.

When you love someone and are willing to give them everything you are but they don’t feel the same way, it HURTS. You can become very disillusioned about life and love and people and most importantly yourself. You can feel like you must be flawed and unworthy of love because NOBODY ever chooses to love you back…no matter what you do.

THIS is wrong. Been there, done that! For so many years I don’t care to count any longer. There WAS, is NOT and never will be any deep flaw or unworthiness in ME. I AM love. I LOVE. With all my heart, with all my mind, with all my soul. I am learning most importantly to LOVE and respect MYSELF first though and that is a vital and important part of it.

YOU must love yourself enough to understand that when you place your heart and love and wishes, hopes and dreams ALL on one other person and they do NOT return your offerings it is not because YOU are flawed or wrong in any way. It is simply that they are not the right person for you. You can love someone with your whole heart and soul and they can STILL be the wrong person for YOU! That is all. Let it go and move on. Just like there will always be sunshine after the rain, there will always be another door to open tomorrow, another possibility a little further down the line. Life is FULL of disappointments and sorrows but, it is also FULL of joy and LOVE. IF you haven’t found it yet don’t despair, don’t give up on it. Just KNOW that it hasn’t been your time yet.

Often people confuse infatuation, attraction, lust, sentiment, desire, and even LIKE with love. Sometimes this is because loneliness and depression threaten to engulf them and make them desperate and INSANE for love.

So they follow the feelings whatever it is and , when their expectations are met with disappointment or what they thought was love was only attraction and fades away they are even more despondent than before.

It is then that they begin to believe LOVE hurts, that the heart is deceitful and desperately wicked, that love is PAIN, love is sorrow, love is bitter, love BITES! This is FALSE!

LOVE is a gift. You give it freely without expectation of it being given back. When it is the right time, you will find it being returned to you in ways you never expected. Be OPEN. Be READY. Have faith that God has made someone for YOU, just as He has made someone for each of us.

Timing is everything but, sometimes just because YOU think you are ready doesn’t mean you really are. Sometimes the one who is meant for you isn’t ready yet either. Maybe the waiting you are doing is so that he/she can get to the place inside themselves where they are READY for you also!

Be ok and ready and loving and compassionate and understanding and accepting and forgiving of YOURSELF first and love will follow.

RECOGNIZE that offering yourself and all your HOPE to someone else is a risk and sometimes it will fail but, it does not make YOU a failure. It makes you BRAVE for having the ability to take the risk in the first place!!

Be willing to continue being brave and continue taking the risk. If you do NOT risk, you can NEVER have the reward…and the reward is worth everything…even the hurt of denial. EVEN rejection. So a hundred reject you until the ONE places you on a pedestal and makes you belong there. Wouldn’t you rather have that ONE than get stuck with one of the wrong ones who don’t even recognize what you are worth?

I’ll take the pedestal every day of the week, and twice on Sunday!!!! lol

Sometimes I loved so hard I thought I would die from the hurt. Especially since I wasn’t good enough for anyone to choose me. I never asked for anything special or fancy, just a man who would love me. What I have come to understand is that NONE of them were right for me or meant for me but more importantly than that is that NONE of them were good enough for me.

Don’t BOTHER lowering the bar or your expectations and settling for this one or that one just to have one. WAIT for the RIGHT one! It is WORTH it!

It is worth EVERYTHING!!

When you KNOW, you KNOW! and YOU will KNOW!


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