Breaking Question of the Day~03/25/2011

My mother is always too busy to talk to me while my father is never home…the only time and place i hear about sex is when i am with my friends…i am 16 years old….BREAKING QUESTION OF THE DAY…Can somebody please educate me on the word called “SEX”???? anonymous…

Helpful websites:

Scarleteen: looks like an open place for teens to get many of the answers they are looking for.

Real Sex Education Facts: some of the articles may be helpful.

Wikipedia: information and many links to other relevant websites and topics.

TeenSource:maybe another helpful site.

It can only be a good thing to educate yourselves about all aspects of sex education. In the absence of parental input for whatever reason READ everything you can…there are many sites out there made by caring people who only want you to make healthy, educated decisions for yourself!


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