Breaking Question of the Day~03/09/2011

It is a good thing for a woman to dress well and better still to wear what she feels is good for her…BREAKING QUESTION OF THE DAY…Is it right for a woman to dress provocatively in the name of freedom…what are the implications???

I’m giving this topic a lot of thought.

First of all, I believe a woman should be able to choose for herself what she wears or doesn’t wear.  I think she should dress to please herself first and foremost.  If something you wear makes you feel good or sexy then it is not a bad thing. But, you have to be careful about whether or not it is portraying you in a good or bad way.

Different occasions call for different degrees of decorum in dress and it is important to dress appropriately for each occasion.

For example, you’re going to a funeral…you are NOT going to wear a party dress or clubbing outfit.  Neither are you going to wear the clothes you would visit a funeral home in to a club or a party.

There are times and places for each style of dress.

It is possible to show a little skin and still be decently covered and respectable.

For example, you like to wear a mini skirt and you feel like it makes you look cute. It probably does but, what is the difference between the one that sits just above your knees and the one that barely covers your butt? Just a little bit more leg? Or something more than that?  There IS a line.  You have to figure out for yourself if you are crossing it and if you are what it is exactly that you hope to be achieving?

Because boys will always agree seeing more is better.  They are BOYS!! Hello!!

Even if they are decent respectful boys they are NOT going to close their eyes if you walk by. By wearing that short skirt or short shorts you have invited the looks. If  you do choose to dress in a provocative manner you must accept that by doing so you DO invite judgements, comments and critique from EVERYONE. NOT just the boys. The very nature of provocative wear is to bring all eyes “on ME” and therefore to imply you are OPEN to advances and attention.

Sometimes this attention comes from sources that are less than ideal.

If you feel beautiful, attractive, desirable and sexy then you ARE! Truthfully, you will still be this in a pair of baggy purple sweats and an ugly old t-shirt AS WELL AS a drop dead gorgeous dress ready to go out on a hot date.

The man who likes you actually likes YOU…not necessarily what you are wearing…though that might be a bonus! lol

The simple fact ladies, is that MEN look…and the simple truth is, we want them to.

Any woman who can’t admit this is NOT being honest with herself.

How can you grow up in this world and not KNOW that men are visual creatures? How can you dress in a provocative way and be expecting them NOT to see you? AND then seriously, if you’re going to dress to attract attention how can you even get upset when it comes to you?

THAT drives me crazy! Don’t wanna be ogled or objectified? Put some more clothes on!

Furthermore, how could you dress that way in a workplace and expect to be taken seriously and respected?

That you have to earn by being as good or even better than they are…with your BRAIN and capabilities! If you insist on dressing provocatively in this area I think you can be sure they will be distracted by you, interested in looking at you but, probably not take you seriously.  How could they? You have come to work looking very unprofessional without heed or respect for the workplace  yourself.

I think there is a time and a place and a mood for any kind of clothes you want to wear.  But, I also think sexy comes from inside you and is not reflected in the provocative outfits you wear.  It is in the way you walk, talk, breath, love, live, and ARE.  It will be seen no matter what you are wearing.

Tell me, when you go out for coffee at the coffee shop and that cute guy that sits in the corner and smiles at you every day…does it matter what you’re wearing? Did you come out one day in sweats or maybe your pjs just to get a coffee and he gave you a funny look or a frown? Or did he smile the same smile he always smiles…cause it is YOU he is looking at…not your ugly sweat pants!! LOL 😉 Think about that!!



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